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10 June 2012 @ 06:00 pm
I'd love decants (just imp-sized decants of oils for now, teaspoon-sized amounts of incense or 1oz decants of bath oils) of these:




Any of the Planetary TALs


Abundance Oil
Esbat Oil
Yule Oil

Mercury incense
Air incense
Anechoic Chamber incense
Roots of Prosperity incense

Tincture of Luna

Honey of Love bath oil***
Venus bath oil
17 May 2012 @ 10:24 pm

Arcana Soaps
Monsieur Lapin 2012, Darkling, Angel Clare, Alec D'Urberville
Posh Brats exclusive(s)


LAVENDERTINI****, ORION***** (will take multiples), The Great Psychiatrist of Babylon***, Night Flight, Mirth, The Great Notary of Babylon, The Hypnotic Draught, 301, Betsy (not the cat), Candy Thong, Cootie, Vim, Indigo, Meyer Lemon, Lavender Pepys, Ponder, any of the Silvers except Gardenia, Neroli, Bells, Lily, Carnation and Ginger (wouldn't mind a backup of Sandalwood), The Temptress
TENNESSEE*** (sample needed-want to try!)

Conjure Oils

Anubis*****, WENDIGO***, Naima**, Astarte**, BASTET***, CLEOPATRA***, Demeter**, ISIS****, HORUS***, THOTH*****
Aged Leather, Dragon's Hide, Red Musk, White Musk, Flower Ashes, Black Raspberry, Black Tea, Chai Spice Tea, Raw Honey, Honey Milk, Rose Milk, Black Orchid, Blue Rose, Night Queen, Pink Lotus, Ethiopian Frankincense, Golden Amber, Sweet Myrrh, White Amber, Sweet Patchouli, Antique Rose Attar, Iranian Pomegranate, Old World Jasmine, Tunisian Neroli
Glitch, Mercury Retrograde
Pink Moon***, The Light Queen
Earl Black, Kraken Up, Pirate's Breakfast, Tempus Fugit Torte, Gears of Cognition, Gears of Imagination***, The Shadowy Shawl
Athena, Whore of Babylon,
Achocalypse, O Caffeine
Flapper, Speakeasy, Vaudeville

Nocturne Alchemy/VApothecary
NA LE/FEx: GIFT OF ISIS! (will take more of this, it's my 'namesake' scent and I don't want to run out), more Nokturne Kashmir vials, Bastet's Pure Heart
NA Permanent: Raspberry Kobalt, Horus Amber****, Thoth Amber***, Om Balance**
VA Permanent: London***, The Mummy**
LE/FEx: Nokturne Dark
NA Permanent: Archaeon, Solaris, Solaris 1, Promethean, Sentinel, Icarus, Villanazion, Hadeon Eon
Strawberry Crystalline, Blue Lotus Diamond, Apricot Kobalt, Blueberry Crystal, Egyptian Peach Blossom, Frangipani Nokturne, Plumeria Sapphire, Honeysuckle Crystalline
Pakhet Amber
Nephtys, Ptah, Tawaret, Hatmehit, Bastet (new version), Osiris (new version)
Children of the Sun (new edition)
Cairo (new edition), Alexandria (new edition), Amarna (new edition),
Meditiation with the Gods: Seth, Hathor
Elementals: all of them!
VA Permanent: San Francisco, Edinburgh, New Orleans, Venice
Mumiyah Cake
Ahm Shere, Shroud, Tomb of the Undead, Rise of Anubis, Eternal Underworld

Mara Fox Love Potion
Sea Find****


ALEXANDRIA***** (will also take decants)

Violette Market

Morrigan, Rusalkas, Black Apple, Splendour and Magnificence, Library of Alexandria***, Prom, Clockwork Couture cats Agatha, Harrison and Granville
Anything from Oceania
Enchanted Woods, Fragaria, Spider's Design, The Gingerbread House, The Woodsman
Bacchus, Demeter's Lament
Antoinette's Tea Cakes, Himalayan Tea Chest, Snow Geisha
The Crypt at Midnight, The Veil of the Moon

ZOMG Smells

Secretly a Were-Poodle***, Extinction After Party***, all the Quarks (including Gluon)*****, Brownian Motion, Hatshepsut's Beard, Kuiper Belt Objects, Large Hadron Collider, Nuee Ardente, Oort, Scooter, The Melancholy Death of Nikola Tesla***, The Little Red Spot, Theopatra, Zeppelin to the Moon
Baby Gorgon Birthday Party, Camping in a Vanilla Forest, Dastardly Banyan, Deified, Giant Robot Birthday Party, Green Knight, Haydee, Kudzu Doom, Lassi Come Home, Lola's New Dress, Mango in the Bathtub, Pink Seven, Seagull Eating a Starfish, Smoky Black Chai, Soft Lavender Cake, Snail Fur, Sparkle Receptors, Tasse de la Reine, Three Blossom Cupcake, Wrestling Tigers, Xocolatl

Ava Luxe
Perfume oil bottles

No. 23

Wiggle Perfume (on etsy)

Maya, Helios***, Selene***, Theda, Nicosia

Black Baccara (etsy)

Alchemy, Alice's Tea Party, Bathory, Bathsheba**, Belle Epoque, Black Cat***, Cabaret***, Cleopatra****, Magdalene, Midnight Mass, Mummy****, Titania

Alkemia (etsy)

Divine Goddess Musk, Persephone Pomegranate, Blue Lotus****, Arabesque****, Falling Stars on a Winter Solstice****, Les Mysteres, Moroccan Tea**, Ex Libris Anima***

SaraWen (etsy)

Isis*****, Eye of Ra****, Cleopatra****, Scandal in London****, Tea with Watson***, Potion Master

Mannaia (etsy)

Bad Wolf****, London After Midnight***, Un-Birthday***

Of Ravens and Vultures (etsy)

Any of the perfumes!

Deep Midnight (etsy)

Alexandria****, Atlantis, Byzantium***, Eridu, Highclere, Ladies of London, Mad As a Hatter, Silk Road Delights, Temple of Time, Time Machine

Midnight Gypsy (etsy)


21 August 2011 @ 10:31 pm

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Do not worry if your post gets deleted-that's just to keep this thread tidy and help it to load faster. I delete posts when I have sent your stuff, so if your posts are gone then it means that you should keep an eye on your mail...

GOODS AND SERVICES PAYMENTS ONLY. Don't worry about the fees!

Free stuff!! (while stocks last)

Free BPAL for purchases $20 or more prior to shipping:
'Luperci's Philosophy', the label says Love's Philosophy but the oil seems to be Luperci, this is the batch that got mixed up. (It's patchouli-moss-wood-honey-incense to my nose)

If you spend $15 or more (prior to shipping), you can choose from a non-BPAL freebie:
Blooddrop Merci 93 (tart red fruit)


Bottles (full 5mls)
NEW 51 (Wanderlust) $17
Askasleikir $22
Australian Sandalwood $24
Claudian's Phoenix $22
NEW Festival of Anuket $18 (oil level just 1-2mm below shoulder but still pretty full)
The Gift $23
The Large Harem $23
Mandeville's Phoenix $22
Peach XIV $26
Poisson D'Avril 2012 $18
NEW Snake Oil (bought last year) $17
NEW Staged Moon Landing $18

'Almost full but not quite' bottles (more than half full)
Al Araaf (original from 2005, cobalt bottle) 2/3 full $18
NEW The Emathides (2/3 full) $12
NEW Tanuki No Orai (minus 1ml) $18

Half full and less bottles
Blossoms in Springtime (1/2 full) $10
Milk Chocolate, Myrrh and Gunpowder (1/3 full) $7
NEW Pip: Jenny Lee Snow (Century Guild exclusive) 1/2 full $20 (rare!)
When I...(1/3 full) $7

BPTP products
Spiked Apple Cider candle (unburnt, like new) $22


LE/unimpable decants for sale

(Starred scents will be decanted by me)

Sniffie sets!
Anniversary 2014 sniffie set $20
Anniversary 2015 sniffie set $20
BPTP Yules 2014 (Krampus, Snowballs, Snow Queen) sniffie set $12
Halloween single notes sniffies $9
Metamorphosis 2014: all scents $13
Plagues of Egypt (sorry, no Angel of Death...) $10
Pumpkin Patch 2014 sniffies $6
Scalia sniffies $9
Yule Phobias 2014 sniffie set $7
Yule Lads 2015 set $30
Yule Snow Falling 2015 set $5
Yule Spiritualism set $17

BPTP decants (all 1oz unless stated, atmos and hair gloss in atomiser bottles)
An Affinity for Passionflower bath oil $6
Bonfire Smoke atmo spray $6
Cacao Dusted Sugar Skulls bath oil $6
The Card Game $8
Cold and Bleak hair gloss (not in atomiser) $8
Little Fairy Tales of History bath oil $6
The Old Homestead atmo spray $6
Secrets of the Hanamachi atmo spray $6
Sleet hair gloss (like Skadi for hair) $8
These Were the Four Loves Faded bath oil $6
Vixen hair gloss 0.5 oz decant $4

Rare/event exclusive/trunk show prototype decants
Black Bar $5
Bleep Censor $5
NEW Daisy Hilton $8
Jennie Rogers (half decant) $2.50
NEW Jojo the Dog Faced Boy $8
Kate Fulton (half decant) $2.50
Laura Belle McDaniel (half decant) $2.50
Little Maggie $5
Mrs Emma Marsh $5
NEW Owl Moon $6
Peach IX $5
Peach X $5
Peach XII $5
Peach XIII $5
Shark Tooth $5
Staurolite $5
NEW Violet Hilton $8

Random rarities and D/C scents
13 Hours prototype $5 (smells a bit different to released version-less stony, more vetiver/ambergris-y, resinous, rosy)
Apple Orchard prototype (very different to the atmo spray of the same name, this one's smokier and caramelised/blossom-y) $5
Baghdad (in 1ml rollerball vial) $3
Blue Moon 2004 half decant (yup, the original, very rare!) $5
Eyeball Moss unreleased scent prototype $5 (one for the Spanish moss fans)
Goblin Sack 1/4 decant $3
Off (very rare Century Guild exclusive, 2/3 full) $5
Penthus (in 1ml rollerball vial) $3
Polyhymnia (in 1ml rollerball vial) $3
Screaming Mandragora (CD imp only scent-Mandrake with mango) $5

NEW TAL decants
Ebon Night $5

NEW Art of the Unicorn decants $4
A King Pursued by a Unicorn
Allegory of Chastity
Mythological Scene with a Really Long Name and Unicorns ;)
St Clare
The Unicorn Rushing Against the Tree

$3.50 LE decants (fill levels vary from full to top to 3/4 full)
7 Word Story: Sloth (Banana)
13 (September 2013)
13 (December 2013)

13 (February 2015)
13 (March 2015)
Auspicium Melioris Aevi
Blood Throughout the Land
The Blooming Flowers of Spring
Butter Rum Cookie 2014
NEW Cancer, Starstruck 2016
Conjunction of Mars and Saturn
The Delicate Ambrosial Dews of Heavenly Nectar
The Dream (Luper 2016)
Earless Chocolate Bunny
NEW Guatemalan Coffee Bean
The Imperfect Enjoyment
In Time of Plague
Lacus Bonitatis
NEW Leo, Starstruck 2016
Many Tears Were Shed
Mare Crisium
Mare Forecundatis
Melty Creme Egg
The Mirror
Miss Addie
Phoenix and Dragon
Pouring Strains of Sacred Song
Smite All Thy Borders With Frogges
Street Festival
Taurus, Starstruck 2016
Three Dayes
Upon Man and Upon Beast
NEW White Juniper

NEW Carnaval Diabolique 2016 half-decants $2
Arachnina the Spider Woman
Faiza the Lady of Serpents
Priala the Human Phoenix
Zarita the Doll Girl

LE half-decants $1.50
13 (June 2014, not the Ad Lunam version)
A Rifled Jewellery Case
Apple Cider
Brainstem Lollipop
Clown White
The Countess of Morcar's Blue Carbuncle
The Cross of Snow
The Devil's Pet Baits
Elmwood Cemetery
Fireplace Cinders
Frosted Pumpkin Spice Cookie
Red Moon 2013
The Season of Forgiveness
The Second Morning After Christmas
The Snow Shower
Suck It 2014
This Battered Old Felt
To His Mistress Going To Bed
Tweedledum Bonbon
Wicked Matriarch

GC imps:

Very full to above label (and very full decants) $2
none yet

At label and below $1.50
none yet...


Non BPAL perfumes/bath and body stuff:

Arcana Soaps
NEW Luna Exalted: Heal (2.5ml in a dram vial: coconut milk, pearl musk, caramel macarons, sugared cubeb, and fresh petitgrain, blended in an old brandy bottle) $10
NEW Mercury in Gemini: Wink (half full: lime and bright bergamot lead to a heart of Indian sandalwood, smoked vanilla, and a tiny hint of muguet) $10
Venus Exalted: Tenderness (1/2 bottle, lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, spices) $10
Decants $2
Comfort 2012 (pomegranate, snow, citrus, rum, tonka)
Eros (cocoa, vanilla, strawberry, black tea, mallow, black seed, patchouli)
Strigoi (black rose petals and violets with dragonsblood resin and kush)
Tramp (roses, leather, cedar, oudh, three musks)
Young Rantipole (cherry, black musk, brown musk, cocoa absolute, and kush)

Perfume Bottles

The Angelic Host (frankincense, rose, jasmine, myrrh...lots of floral/resinous notes but this is subtle and camomile-ish to me) $10
Flutter body cream full size $12
Amber and Nutmeg (tested once with a cotton tip-no fingers have touched this!)
Decants $2
A Grave in the Pasture (tears, peach, lilac, rose, carnation, violet leaf, earth)
NEW All The Glittering Wings (cool water, ozone, waterlilies, waterfall musk, lemon tree, rosewood, lavender, magnolia)
An Afternoon in December (black tea, cranberries, pink pepper, blood orange, lemon)
Apple Cider Donut 2 (apple donuts, hot chocolate, marshmallow, bourbon vanilla, resin)
Brazilian Lime
Candy Cane
Clover Honey
NEW Deep Dark Summer Night (moonflower, skin musk, blackberry jam, ylang ylang, blue camomile, lemon)
Exquisite Corpse No.1 (fig, vanilla, milk chocolate, myrrh, patchouli)
Fabulous Golden (pineapple, passionfruit, iced tea)
Gold Ribbon (amber, golden lilies, copal, sandalwood, bitter orange)
Kindness Magic (coconut, white lotus, myrrh, rose, jasmine)
Kittens and Champagne (champagne, pink grapefruit, lime, lemongrass, copaiba balsam)
Kittens and Pumpkins (powdery notes, pumpkin muffins, spiced apples)
La Reine D'Octobre (honey, pumpkin spice cake, lemon, rose, clementine)
NEW Lemon Chiffon Pie
Maypole (blackcurrant, black tea, frankincense, lily of the valley)
NEW The Mellifluent Rose (roses, honey, beeswax, vanilla)
Melon Blossom
NEW My Only Sunshine (peaches, orange juice, agave, amber, patchouli, black pepper)
Never Come Between a Woman and her Horse (rose, vanilla, sandalwood, carrot seed)
Number Thirteen (black tea, linden blossom, white grapefruit, dusty wood, palo santo, patchouli)
NEW Pavement (if you like Streets of Detroit, try this-it's got that motor oil scent going on!)
Picnic at Giverny (waterlilies, watery notes, greenery, strawberries and champagne) pending
Plum Moss
Plymouth Pear
Pumpkin Musk (pumpkin spice, amber, black musk, woods, myrrh, patchouli, clementine)
Santa Muerte (red musk, labdanum, tobacco, marigold, ginger, davana, red rose)
Scorched Earth/Smoked Earth
Sekel Pear
Smitten (orchid, Egyptian musk, rosewood, amber, ylang ylang, mogra, black pepper)
Whinnies no.1 (marshmallow, lemon cake, lavender)
Whinnies no.2 (marshmallow, amber, patchouli, agarwood, cinnamon, ambrette)
Whinnies no.5 (marshmallow, kaffir lime curd, honey, clover, gingerbread, mandarin, petitgrain)
Whinnies no.9 (marshmallow, brioche pain perdu, maple syrup, cinnamon)
Whinnies no.10 (marshmallow, ume blossom, white chocolate, cranberries, geranium)
Whinnies no.14 (marshmallow, copal, oud, amber, patchouli, palo santo, olibanum, black pepper)
Half decants $1
Simplicities: Air
Baroque Musk (white musk with heliotrope, vanilla, citrus, amber and wood notes)
Berry Musk (dark musk with crushed raspberries, strawberries, boysenberries, plums, spun sugar, and vanilla bean)
Bookstore Musk (Dry paper, warm wood notes with amber and aged patchouli)
Bumblebee Musk (fuzzy soft musk with honey and delicate green leafy notes)
Coconut Musk (white musk with creamy coconut and a whisper of vanilla milk)
Fortune Cookie
Ghost Town Musk (brittle, worn musk with tobacco, teak, amber, sandalwood, parched wood notes and possibly a lone, rolling tumbleweed)
Glittering Musk (shimmering musk with grapefruit, tangerine, black currant, orange blossom, white ginger, and jasmine)
Simplicities: Orchid
Poetic Musk (musk with vanilla, lotus, amber, cream, soft mandarin, and a touch of cocoa absolute)
Rococo Musk (sparkling and sweet musk with peaches, champagne, and magnolia blossoms)
Simplicities: Snow
Soft Wood no.1 (unisex and musky wood)
Sugared Musk (warm musk with sugar and a touch of vanilla)
Vanilla Orchid Musk
Vanillaed Berries
Linen spray decants (1oz atomiser) $5
Saint Lucia (blood orange, berries, spices)
Bath oil decants $4
Freyja (patchouli, pumpkin spice, boysenberry, clove, dark chocolate)
Lotion 1oz decants $5 (tested cleanly from the very tip of the bottle)
Myrrh and Mocha
Pink Pepper, Quince and Rose

Cobalt Blends bottles $10
Sugary Spin (marzipan)

Heaven and Earth
Tomboy (1 dram, Egyptian musk, woodsy musk, myrrh, rose, jasmine, patchouli) $6

Isle of Eden perfume $6
Pink Egyptian Cocktail (sweet fruit-melon and berries? also pink sugar and spices)

Mara Fox Love Potion
Bottles $12

Fahya (Middle Eastern attars, honey, violet, spices, lemon, jasmine, amber, musk)
Mercury Retro Naught (basil, gardenia, lilac, carnation, vanilla, myrrh, violet, vetiver, lavender)
Mummy Stuffing (linen with red wine, myrrh, spices, embalming resins, kyphi...)
Samples $4 (huge vials!)
Immortal Beauty
Mummy Chunks (milk chocolate chip cookies)
Sogni Incantati (marshmallow, anise, vanilla)
Spectre Potion (pink and blue lotus, myrtle, verbena, cypress, poplar, benzoin, liquorice, benzoin, olive, sandalwood, elderberry, thyme, heather)

Nocturne Alchemy/VApothecary
Parfum de Cleo (datura, blue rose, white cinnamon and mimosa) $10
Tut Ankh Amun Legacy (half full, very rare and limited: Peru balsam, vanilla, Egyptian amber, limestone, vanilla agarwood, mandarin, lavender, chypre incense, amber musk, oudh incense, guaiac gum) $13
Decants $2
Black Crystalline Black Fig (black and white fig, black cardamom, cream, black sugar, vanilla musk)
Black Velvet (black amber, jasmine, vanilla, musk, amber and frankincense)
Cairo Cinnamon Roll (black tea, cinnamon, buttery icing, vanilla)
Dragonfruit Dragonfly (dragon's blood incense, vanilla, Egyptian musk, dragonfruit, strawberry)
Halloween Spiced Mummy (baked apples, spices, wood, ale, musk, syrup, vanilla)
Kashmir Chocolate (red musk and cocoa/chocolate)
NAVA #8 (3 red wines, cypress, juniper, myrrh, frankincense, peppermint, honey, raisins, saffron, cardamom, papyrus, galbanum, storax, labdanum, vanilla, dragon's blood, Egyptian musk)
Pharaonic Nocturnal (white musk, Egyptian musk, red musk, lavender, amber)
Purpose Oil: Guidance (lavender, white musk, ylang ylang, frankincense, orange, limestone accord, vanilla)
Rice Milk
Victorian Valentine Crystalline (sandalwood, jasmine, peppercorn, vanilla, red musk, amber, rose, saffron, oud, apricot musk)
Victorian Candy Cane (peppermint, vanilla cream, strawberry seed, vanilla resin)
NEW Icons decants $15 (yes, these are expensive, made with rare oude oil so the price is high)
Eclipse (oud and black honey)
Samar II (spiced vanilla oud)


Altair (clove, sandalwood, incense) $10
Arabesque (amber and citrus) $10
Spanish Dancer (almond and sugary fried dough/churro-ish note) $12
Decants/samples $2 unless noted
4 Seasons Summer (bamboo, silk, Japanese incense, water, greenery, sandalwood)
1000 Roses (rose, rose, rose, rose, rose...pure roses.)
A Lady in her Own Right (neroli, beeswax, sandalwood, myrtle, white musk)
NEW Alabama (mimosa, magnolia, jasmine, tuberose, gardenia)
Annie Sue the Puppy Dog (salty ocean notes, pikaki, cinnamon)
Aspasia (osmanthus, ambergris accord, dry amber)
Atropos' Slip (yellow candies, butter, cookies...smells a bit like banana to me!)
Bloomers (rose, jasmine, neroli and musks)
Bouquet in the Snow (osmanthus, primrose, wood, tea)
Candybox Pretty (sweet white flowers, champagne musk, lemon, candlewax, gardenia, tuberose)
Carnation, Lily, Rose (pretty much what it says on the cover!)
Circle Within a Circle Within a Circle (clove, vetiver, basil, violet, camphor, musk)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (fruit wine, violets)
Dead From Love (incense, woody minty musk, patchouli, cedar)
Doric (melon, nag champa, honeysuckle)
Drama Queen (fig, hemp, galbanum, fern, black musk)
The Duchess of Alba (cardamom, black pepper, ginger, grape, saffron, turmeric)
Fijian Brooch (green leafy notes, lime, brass)
The Flirty She-Corpse (bergamot, white peach, jasmine sambac, oakmoss, cedar)
The Fruits of Heaven (crystalline musk, lime, yuzu, peppery musk)
Funeral Dirge (dried leaves, brown musk, molasses, dandelion, tomato leaf, violet leaf)
Funeral March of a Marionette (mahogany, cedar, sandalwood, salt, orange tea, wilted roses, brass)
Gelato: Profound Lavender Chocolate (lavender chocolate ice cream)
Gelato: Straticella (vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream)
Girl in White (grapefruit, pink musk, oude)
The Glutton's Delight (jams, truffles, buttery salted toffee, cream)
The Golden Diadem (hawthorn, honey, molasses, tamarind, candied ginger)
Haiku: Natsume Soseki-Winter (leaves, mint, yuzu)
Helen and Paris (melon, nag champa, sandalwood, citrus, cedar)
Henry VIII and Catherine Howard (red musk, galbanum, honey, myrrh, custard)
Holiday in Oz (coriander, cumin, turmeric, pineapple, coconut)
Hope (musk, oude, chrysanthemum, strawberry)
Hortus (white June flowers-I smell linden and neroli here)
NEW Idaho (potato-yes really!-with stone accord, leafy notes and aquatic)
Isabelle of France (Oude from Arabia, with a goodly shot of galbanum, an insertion of Sicilian lemon, a float of black Tellicherry peppercorn)
The Kiss (tuberose, honeysuckle, gardenia, sandalwood, cedar)
Kuchisake-Onna (dragon's blood, white musk, white sage, angelica, ginger, vetiver, patchouli)
La Goulue (bourbon, butter, sugar, coconut)
Lethal Cocktail (almond, cucumber, woody vanilla, patchouli)
Libra (rose, sandalwood, patchouli, lemon)
Lola Montez (Irish grass accord has been combined with a deeply green aquatic note, dark and thick labdanum and a tonka infusion, a very small amount of an animalic musk)
Manticore (rose, cedar, cypress, grey musk, vanilla)
NEW Michigan (woodland and water notes, flowers and greenery)
Mink Stole (sugar, vanilla, butterscotch)
Mona Lisa (cedar, teak, artemisia, cocoa, cardamom, coriander)
Olympia (three white musks, hawthorn, cold musk, civet)
Osmium (vanilla, leather, lime, pepper)
Ozzie the Conjure Parrot (strawberry jam, honey, pumpkin seed)
NEW Pennsylvania (cardamom, coriander, cocoa, peach and coconut)
Portrait of a Lady (roses, wet stone)
Repose (cookies, peach jam, frankincense, spices)
Roses Are Red (rose and violet)
Rougarou (candy corn, coriander, toasted sugar, sweet musk)
The Skeletons' Ball (tea, spearmint, gin, amber)
Snake Dance (apple coconut crumble, butter)
Snow Solstice (minty sweet cool frosty vanilla-ish creamy coconut milk)
Softly (green tea, rose, balsam, honey)
Sparks (peppermint, walnut, angelica, grapefruit)
Sterling Swizzle Stick (amber, dry vanilla, pink champagne)
Stiletto (lemon, oakmoss, galbanum, yuzu)
Strigoi (cedar, myrrh, pepper, lemon, myrtle, hawthorn, leather)
Swoon (jasmine, hawthorn, rose, nutmeg, lemon, yuzu)
Sylvia Plath's When in Good Humour (bitter tea, pollen, sunflowers, myrtle, salt)
Thorns and All (tea rose, black pepper, amber)
Venus (fern, myrtle, white musk, currant, clove, black cumin)
Vide Cor Meum (green notes, sandalwood, osmanthus, ginger)
Waltz of the Flowers (tuberose, gardenia, black coconut, lemon and lime)
Wassail, Wassail (cream, ginger, coriander, booze)
Waterlilies (waterlilies and fresh water)
The Wickedest Idea of All (wintergreen, butter, chocolate, vanilla, resin/fruit gum)
Xuong Cuong (green leaf, wood, crystal musk, earth, sandalwood, yuzu, walnut)
100% Natural decants $3 unless noted
Dead Man's Curve (turmeric, ginger, pink pepper, patchouli, vetiver)
Delilah (cedar essence from the Cedars of Lebanon, rosewood from sources unknown, muhuhu (a wood which is incredibly unique in scent at once incensy and paper-like at the same time), a bit of luan, and finally rich dark patchouli from India)
Duchess of Devonshire (lavender and sandalwood)
Grim Reaper (pink pepper, hay, patchouli)
Mit Schlagober (all natural scent-jasmine and clove) $2.50
Palladio (clary sage, bergamot, lemon, orange, geranium)
Platinum (wet stone, dark green notes-galbanum?)
Shakespeare's Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer's Day? (basil, patchouli, hay, tagettes, calendula)

Summer (bergamot, blood orange, clementine, lemon, spearmint)
Half decants $1
Alchemical Gold (golden sandalwoody incense)
The Hairy Star (lemon, white musks)
Ka (red musk, leather, lemon, musk)
Night Flight (misty aquatics)
Victory (thyme, sage, lemongrass, camphor, rosemary, amber)

Sixteen92 samples/decants (1ml unless noted)
Spellbound (2ml sample: creamed pumpkin, spiced vanilla, marshmallow) $3

Smelly Yeti Perfumes
Samples $3 (in small screw-top amber bottles)

Can't Go to Mexico (cola, limes, cvanillaactus blossom)

Violette Market
Decants $2
Graveyard Chocolate (dark chocolate, lavender, black amber, graveyard dirt)
Honeyed Chocolate
Lucera the Cockroach Handler (black honey, Egyptian golden musk, saffron, patchouli, cubeb, smoked coconut, cassia, pumpkin)

ZOMG Smells
Bottles $10
Miss Mitchell's Comet (musks, rose, neroli, lavender, jasmine, citrus)
Samples/decants $2
Candied Tesla (patchouli, sandalwood, violet, vanilla custard, rice flower)
Coronal Mass Ejection (amber, grapefruit, tolu balsam and pine)
The Thousand-Fingered Hand of Fortune (benzoin, ambergris, pepper, vanilla)
The Tropical Vacation of Nikola Tesla (sandalwood, patchouli, violet, jasmine, ylang ylang, tropical fruit)

Random nail polish (all tested at least once-if you want photos I can provide them, just ask. UK only unless you're ok with sea mail!)
China Glaze Otherworldly (translucent blue with holographic glitter) $5
LA Colours Circuits (glossy black) $2
LA Colours Energy Source (glossy white) $2
Maybelline Colorama Berry Sweet (pearly dark magenta) $1
Rimmel Misty Jade (light green, gloss) $2
Sally Hansen Champagne Crystal (metallic, slightly pinkish toned silver) $1

Random perfume etailers (bottles):
Yakshini Cleopatra's Secret (musky, maybe Egyptian musk) $4

If you are interested in proper Cadbury's chocolate and many other brands of British sweets (or crisps, or biscuits, or tea...), let me know and I'll gladly buy some for you.

NEW SERVICE! I have easy access to the mega-LUSH in Oxford Street and all its exclusives, not available anywhere else! If you are interested in anything from there, let me know and I can do a custom purchase or a swap! (Warning: shipping costs will be quite high!)

I take all flavours of Paypal. If you are in the UK, I accept cheques (and concealed cash-send at your own risk) as well as paypal.

Please specify your location so I can give you the correct postage price.

Postage prices for UK: prices have risen AGAIN so it's $3 and below for first class postage for imps, anything bigger (eg bottles, lots of imps, anything soapy/bath related) will cost a little more (about $4).
Shipping to Europe is $5-6.
Shipping prices for US and other non-European international destinations: $5-6 for imps depending on quantity and whether they qualify for letter or small packet mail. $6 for 1-2 bottles, maybe 3 bottles. Anything bigger will cost a little more.

If you want swap/sale creds, click my forum feedback (I'm yeahbutnobut) or my LJ feedback. http://community.livejournal.com/bpal_feedback/30252.html
Anything lost in the post will be refunded or paid back in some way. I will let you know of any delays to sending of packages if they occur.
Multiple imp purchases preferred. And I usually give freebies-free tea, lotion samples, soap samples, frimps etc-I have too much stuff!

09 September 2007 @ 07:00 pm
Here's a list of stuff I want, or stuff I've tried and want more of because I love them:

31 August 2007 @ 09:15 pm
A few reviews of some Mandrake scents:
31 August 2007 @ 09:10 pm

Some CB reviews:

31 August 2007 @ 09:05 pm

It's been a while since I've updated this blog...but here are some new reviews from the wonderful Mythos Mixtures!

08 May 2007 @ 06:39 pm
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